Enhance your GPS device

Many GPS devices are coming with built-in (or bundled) navigation software and does not allow you to install newer version or use the device in any other way that the original menu allows.

This, of course doesn't mean that the device is not CAPABLE of running most of the applications. After all - it is running on Windows CE platform.

Googling a bit lead me to a project called MioPocket. This is a software that patches your mobile windows and installs lots of (freeware) utilities (media player for example) that can really upgrade your usage of the device.

One of the best features (and of course the main reason why those people wrote this utility) is that it enables you to run any navigation software.


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Cheat your (torrent) way to the top

utorrent_logoPrivate BitTorrent trackers require that you keep a certain upload/download ratio. This basically means that if you download, and don't leave your client running for seeding for as much as you downloaded, you will probobly get kicked out of the site sooner or later.

RatioMaster is an open source project that emulates your favourite client and sends the tracker with false info, saying that you are uploading. What a great solution for people with low upload rate.

A guy that calls himself NRPG, created his own version of RatioMaster, which added a lot of features to the original RatioMaster.  His version looks out for your opened client, and takes all the random-generated values from it, that way making the tracker very hard to spot the cheat.

So far so good, as this was only the exposition to the situation.

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Life changing traffic tips


Morning traffic jams can really bum you out on some days, and most people try to avoid them. But actually doing it takes a bit of practice and a lot of time, so it took me just 3 years to perfect my morning route to work. I think I am now able to shave off between 5 and 20 minutes of traffic every day, depends on how crowded the roads are that day.

On a "light" day these tips aren't worth much, but on a crowded day (like today) it can really save time and gas. Also, since this is my route to work, and I live in Israel and work in Ramat Ha'hayal Tel-Aviv, the example images are in Hebrew and they help people who need to get to Habarzel street. But the tips are genuine, and can help anyone optimize thier morning route.

OK, so on to the point.

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