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Mar 14 2009

Music's ruling my world [on Kutiman's Thru-You]

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Hi If you haven't yet tapped into the (well by now it's a) phenomena that is Kutiman's "Thru You" project - don't walk, run and do it now. I'm a long time fan of Kutiman's work, his last CD ("Kutiman") is playing repeatedly in my company-leased car. And I have been watching closely to hear […]


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Mar 05 2009

Qt & OpenCV combined for face detecting QWidgets

As my search for the best platform to roll-out my new face detection concept continues, I decided to give ol' Qt framework a go. I like Qt. It's cross-platform, a clear a nice API, straightforward, and remindes me somewhat of Apple's Cocoa. My intention is to get some serious face detection going on mobile devices. […]


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