My cellphone's evil plan

secrect_lives_of_cellphonesSometimes I think my cellphone holds a grudge for me, and he's secretly trying to ruin my day. Whenever I forget to lock the keypad and put it back in my pocket it comes to life.

I catch it going online and surfing for hours, my mom calls me and tells me I sent her blank SMSs all night. Last time I caught the bugger enrolling to a dating service! - I shit you not, this phone wants bad things for me.



The proper way to run a remote process

This is the story of my journey to find a way to run a process (or a program on a remote pc)
This wasn't an easy thing at all...

Overall, I thought, this should be an easy thing to do.
I found this C# code on a Microsoft forums

I tried this code, not after forgetting to disable the firewall on the remote computer - a big downside but I guess if I had gone with it I'd hunt a way to stable port to unblock in the firewall.


Then I found the big downside (which can be an upside to some of you):
The remote process this way will never have a GUI window opened (In this example, a process of notepad will be opened in the background).
This can be a big advantage to system admins which want to run scripts.


Ok, back to the quest.

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Beef up your presentations with word clouds

friendshipThere's nothing like a good visualization to deliver your ideas over a presentation. Concise points and breakdowns can only go a certain distance before they become weary, and finally confuse your audience. It's better to keep them on their toes by spicing up the boring slides every 5 or so page turns.

I found that Word Clouds, a kind-of new visualization concept, have a good trait of focusing the attention over a single word's associative space. You bold your main word, center it, and scatter the associative words around it. This creates a powerful effect.

I found a nice tool to create these word coulds on-the-fly: Wordle.

The way I did was, get the Wikipedia value of my word, for example "Friendship", and go to the Edit tab. Copy all the textarea's contents, and paste it into Wordle's word cloud creator. Press "GO" and the results are immediate.

You can eliminate the "outliers" - those unrelated words that appear too many times, and layout the cloud as you like to fit your slide.

The down-side with Wordle is that it has no export ability, so I had to take an Alt-PrintScreen screenshot to get my cloud as a picture.