Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 31

Porting Rob Hess's SIFT impl. to Java


This is a Java port of Rob Hess' implementation of SIFT that I did for a project @ work. However, I couldn't port the actual extraction of SIFT descriptors from images as it relies very heavily on OpenCV. So actually all that I ported to native Java is the KD-Tree features matching part, and the …

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May 16

More than Technical now on Twitter


  For those who wish to follow us on twitter, you may follow our new twit


May 14

Combining Java's BufferedImage and OpenCV's IplImage


Hi I recently did a small project combining a Java web service with a OpenCV processing. I tried to transfer the picture from Java environment (as BufferedImage) to OpenCV (IplImage) as seamlessly as possible. This proved a but tricky, especially the Java part where you need to create your own buffer for the image, but …

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May 06

iPhone camera frame grabbing and a real-time MeanShift tracker


Hi Just wanted to report on a breakthrough in my iPhone-CV digging. I found a true realtime frame grabber for the iPhone preview frame (15fps of ~400x300 video), and successfully integrated this video feed with a pure C++ implementation of the MeanShift tracking algorithm. The whole setup runs at realtime, under a few constraints of …

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May 01

Tracing wild rays


Hi I havn't published in a while. I was back up with work on a project for uni., work and my writing... But the good thing with keeping busy, is that after a while - you have something to show for! So here's what i've been working on for Comp. Graphics course - A Ray …

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