Porting Rob Hess's SIFT impl. to Java

beavers_siftThis is a Java port of Rob Hess' implementation of SIFT that I did for a project @ work.

However, I couldn't port the actual extraction of SIFT descriptors from images as it relies very heavily on OpenCV. So actually all that I ported to native Java is the KD-Tree features matching part, and the rest is in JNI calls to Rob's code.

I wrote this more as a tutorial to Rob's work, with an easy JNI interface to Java.

You can find the sources here: http://www.morethantechnical.com/extupload/code/JavaSIFT.zip

Here's how to use it:
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Combining Java's BufferedImage and OpenCV's IplImage


I recently did a small project combining a Java web service with a OpenCV processing. I tried to transfer the picture from Java environment (as BufferedImage) to OpenCV (IplImage) as seamlessly as possible. This proved a but tricky, especially the Java part where you need to create your own buffer for the image, but it worked out nicely.

Let me show you how I did it

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iPhone camera frame grabbing and a real-time MeanShift tracker


Just wanted to report on a breakthrough in my iPhone-CV digging. I found a true realtime frame grabber for the iPhone preview frame (15fps of ~400x300 video), and successfully integrated this video feed with a pure C++ implementation of the MeanShift tracking algorithm. The whole setup runs at realtime, under a few constraints of course, and gives nice results.

Update: Apple officially supports camera video pixel buffers in iOS 4.x using AVFoundation, here's sample code from Apple developer.

So lets dig in...

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Tracing wild rays


I havn't published in a while. I was back up with work on a project for uni., work and my writing...

But the good thing with keeping busy, is that after a while - you have something to show for! So here's what i've been working on for Comp. Graphics course - A Ray Tracer.

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