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Aug 26 2009

iPhoneOS 3.1 will not allow marker-based AR

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Hi I had very high hopes for iPhoneOS 3.1 in the AR arena. With all the hype about it, I naturally thought that with 3.1 developers will be able to bring marker-detection AR to the app-store - meaning, using legal and published APIs. A look around 3.1's APIs I wasn't able to find anything that […]


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Aug 17 2009

Call Skype from a regular phone… for FREE

Today I came across a very nice free service called Ring-2-Skype. It lets you register a personal international number from about 40 countries, and whoever calls this number and dials your extension is directed to your Skype account. The coolest thing is that you can register a number on several countries for the same Skype […]


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Aug 09 2009

Near realtime face detection on the iPhone w/ OpenCV port [w/code,video]

Hi OpenCV is by far my favorite CV/Image processing library. When I found an OpenCV port to the iPhone, and even someone tried to get it to do face detection, I just had to try it for myself. In this post I'll try to run through the steps I took in order to get OpenCV […]


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