Awesome pictures fusing with a GIMP plugin [w/ code]

desert_bear_arrowSwitching, merging or swapping, call it what you like - it's a pain to pull off. You need to spend a lot of time tuning the colors, blending the edges and smudging to get a decent result. So I wrote a plugin for the wonderful GIMP program that helps this process. The merge is done using a blending algorithm that blends in the colous from the original image into the pasted image.

I'll write a little bit about coding GIMP plugins, which is very simple, and some about the algorithm and its sources.

Let's see how it's done
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New Theme, New Toolbar, New Year

Hi dear blog readers

We are trying out a new theme for the blog. We wanted to move out of the default and included themes of WordPress, and into something a bit different.

You will also notice a toolbar at the bottom of the page. It should help you better spread the MoreThenTechnical word! by giving more social networking tools.

So tell us what you think of it! Should we keep it, trash it, or maybe you have an idea of your own?

BTW, tomorrow is new years eve by the jewish calendar, and in Israel we are celebrating the new year ("Rosh Ha'shana"). So these changes to the blog could not have come at a better time - a time for new beginnings.

BTW 2 - I'm working on a post regarding next-generation image editing, so keep posted.

Roy & Arnon


Number Saver (Android application)

A very basic feature that I was missing in my Android phone is the ability to save a number while I'm in a call. Sure you can go to the home screen, and open up any app with a textbox, but I decided to create a dedicated application.

So, meet Number Saver!
UPDATE: Number Saver got a new look

Basic usage guide:

When you open the app you will get the main screen:

From here you are able to enter the number, copy to the clipboard, and clear the clipboard if it is full. Also, when you open the app, if there is a text in the clipboard it will already be in the text box. So you can press Dial to instantly dial the number

Also, during an active call you will notice the note and pencil icon. Stretching the notification area will give you the option to launch the application.

This app is available for free through the Android market. Donation is always welcome ...