Weekly Links

Hi guys

Weekly links is something of a tradition at work I have been keeping up for a couple of months now. Its time to share them with the world.

Stuff I picked up on the web the last week:

Very nice multi-touch desktop experience

Sony with a 3D "screen" that looks like a bomb

Very nice concept in Location-Based-Something. The box will only open when you actually get to the point

Look at that - 24 Android phones already! Definitely going to explode...

Google bulldozing into the music biz. Amazon & Apple - behind you!

It skis better than me!

Big Numbers Corner

Note: "corners" are topics that seem to be a trend that week.

Some interesting big numbers from Morgan-Stanley about the iPhone booming

Huge numbers for Facebook

And a comic for finish: (made with: http://superherosquad.marvel.com/create_your_own_comic)

Enjoy the weekend!


GeekCon 2009: RunVas - Our project [w/ video, img]

runvasHi everyone

In the last weekend I attended GeekCon 2009, a tech-conference, with a friend and colleague Arnon (not Arnon from the blog, who recently had a birthday - Happy B-Day Arnon!). Each team that attended had to create a project they can complete in 2-days of the conference. Our project is called "RunVas", and the basic idea was to let people run around and paint by doing so. We wanted to combine computer vision with a little artistic angle.

Here's some more details
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