Stream your favorite radio station to your workplace

I want to suggest a trick that worked for me. My work place blocks most of the popular radio stations stream sites in my country.
I can understand why they're doing that, but hey – if you want to save bandwidth I suggest you block YouTube (not that I complain…)
Well, I thought of a way to listen to my favorite radio station from work, by re-streaming it from my home. And it worked!

It can also work for you, in case your IT does not block by protocol, only by address.

So here's how to do it:

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Links of the week,7124,s6-240-319--13001-0,00.html
Shoes tying hacks
Very nice! A digital guitar...
An interesting concept - see-through walls w/ augmentd reality
The "Youth market"'s little brother - the "Toddler market" - is booming
Some goodies from iPhone OS 4 - where is video-pixel-bytes access already?!
I like! A helper webapp to memorize text
This is awesome.
YouTube without flash: I tried it on Chrome, the video was choppy, volume control didn't work proerly and the progressing download & play made the position marker bounce around. But in the end, anything that replaces Flash, and Adobe's reign over internet interactive animation,  is good..

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Stuff I picked up on the web the last week:
Compare the leading smartphones on the market
Mobile web usage stats: iPhone 65%, Android 12%, RIM 9%
A transparent screen – Cool? yes. Practical? Not so much.
Augmented reality is officially more popular than virtual reality.
You don't need a mouse anymore (if you have a 154 frames-per-second camera, and very steady hands)
Samsung's projector mobile phone in action in CES
Apple is putting proximity sensors on new device to allow for 3D desktop manipulation.
AT&T goes app-store on dumbphones, releases SDK for BREW

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