iPhone OS 3.x Raw data of camera frames

Hi All

It looks like it's finally here - a way to grab the raw data of the camera frames on the iPhone OS 3.x.

Update: Apple officially supports this in iOS 4.x using AVFoundation, here's sample code from Apple developer.

A gifted hacker named John DeWeese was nice enough to comment on a post from May 09' with his method of hacking the APIs to get the frames. Though cumbersome, it looks like it should work, but I haven't tried it yet. I promise to try it soon and share my results.

Way to go John!
Some code would be awesome...



SmartHome - Embedded computing course project

In the past few weeks I have been working hard at a few projects for end-of-term at Uni. One of the projects is what I called "SmartHome", for Embedded computing [link] course, is a home monitoring [link] application. In the course the students were given an LPC2148 arm7-MCU (NXP) based education board, implemented by Embedded Artists [link]. My partner Gil and I decided to work with ZigBee extension modules [link] to enable remote communication.

Here are the steps we took to bring this project to life.
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