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Mar 30 2010

Congratulations! Roy is going to MIT

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I would like to congratulate my friend Roy, who got accepted to M.I.T in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Starting this September, Roy will be spending the next two years in Boston. I wish him all the best and luck. I'm sure this degree will provide some interesting posts to this blog


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Mar 19 2010

Quick and Easy Head Pose Estimation with OpenCV [w/ code]

Update: check out my new post about this Hi Just wanted to share a small thing I did with OpenCV - Head Pose Estimation (sometimes known as Gaze Direction Estimation). Many people try to achieve this and there are a ton of papers covering it, including a recent overview of almost all known methods. […]


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Mar 06 2010

Implementing PTAM: stereo, tracking and pose estimation for AR with OpenCV [w/ code]

Hi Been working hard at a project for school the past month, implementing one of the more interesting works I've seen in the AR arena: Parallel Tracking and Mapping (PTAM) [PDF]. This is a work by George Klein [homepage] and David Murray from Oxford university, presented in ISMAR 2007. When I first saw it on […]


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