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Mar 15 2011

How thinking outside of the box might save your “damaged” hard drive (and mental health)

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This is a short tale about last minute information salvage, and why you should always stay optimistic about your failed hard drive. This of course, doesn't cover up case of hard drive that is making funny noises…


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Mar 14 2011

Download all your loved tracks in two simple steps

I'm a fan of online radio, and I have a habit of marking every good song that I hear as a "loved track". Over the years I got quite a list, and so I decided to turn it into my jogging playlist. But for that, I need all the songs downloaded to my computer […]


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Mar 05 2011

Neat OpenCV smoothing trick when Kineacking (Kinect Hacking) [w/ code]

I found a nice little trick to ease the work with the very noisy depth image the Kinect is giving out. The image is filled with these "blank" values that basically note where the data is unreadable. The secret is to use inpainting to cover these areas and get a cleaner image. And as always, […]


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Mar 01 2011

The woes of Frame Animation on Android [w/ code]

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My adventures of getting frame animation on the Android 2.1 continue, and take a turn for the worse. Will I come up victorious in the end? Not sure...


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