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Name: Roy Shil
Date registered: January 23, 2009

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  1. Android Camera2 Touch-to-Focus — February 28, 2017
  2. A script to scrape PDFs from a page using Python+Mechanize — February 17, 2017
  3. My first Thing on Thingiverse! — February 17, 2017
  4. Model and render a folded paper with FreeCAD, Blender — December 10, 2016
  5. Structure-from-Motion Toy Lib Upgrades to OpenCV 3 — October 17, 2016

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Feb 28

Android Camera2 Touch-to-Focus

Touch to focus on Android using Camera2 APIs


Feb 17

A script to scrape PDFs from a page using Python+Mechanize

A friend asked me for a way to download all the PDFs from a page, and I made this simple script with Python and Mechanize. It's very straightforward... It does hack the user agent, which is not nice. So use at your discretion.


Feb 17

My first Thing on Thingiverse!

2017-02-17 09.18.33

Just wanted to share the first Thing I uploaded to Thingiverse (which is a huge open-source collection of 3D-printable or otherwise fabricateable objects). It's a 1/4-20 (standard camera mount) holder for a smartphone using a rubber band. I saw many designs that use screws to hold the phone in place, but I didn't have such …

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Dec 10

Model and render a folded paper with FreeCAD, Blender

Hello, I created a little video tutorial to model and render a folded piece of paper for a project I'm working on... Here it is, enjoy!


Oct 17

Structure-from-Motion Toy Lib Upgrades to OpenCV 3

sfm toy lib

The toy SfM library is upgraded to OpenCV 3.x and gets a ton of simplifications.


Apr 24

WTH OpenGL 4? Rendering elements arrays with VAOs and VBOs in a QGLWidget

Simple example usage of OpenGL 4 and vertex array / vertex buffer rendering in a Qt QGLWidget.


Mar 04

[Python] OpenCV capturing from a v4l2 device

A python snippet on capturing from a v4l2 camera into OpenCV


Mar 02

OpenCV Python YAML persistance

A python snippet for saving OpenCV FileStorage-compatible YAML files


Feb 20

Simple Loading Spinner Tapestry 5 Mixin w/ spin.js

A simple loading spinner mixin for Apache Tapestry 5


Jan 28

Adding radial labels to Dimple.JS pie chart

Add radial labels to a dimple.js pie chart using D3.js


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