The links are back! [Links of the week]

Hi good people,
Well after a two-week break, I'm back with some more interesting weekly links..

So here's what I've picked up on the web the past 2 weeks:
Awesome 3D reconstruction work with only a webcam! I dig that stuff.
Me like! An old-new mobile social concept comes to life: Ad-Hoc Social Networks meet Foursquare.
Current mobile-phones OSs and devices usage numbers:
iPhone is slightly rising still: 48% Sep09 to 55% Oct09, Android is growing - 17% Sep09 to 20% Oct09, and Palm is losing height - 10% Sep09 to 5% Oct09.
LinkedIn API – well it's about time!
The new Virtual Keyboard typing method: SWYPE, takes on the good ol' QWERTY.

Check out Layar 3.0, awesome 3Ds in AR:

The HTML 5.0 craze is upon us, and it is going to change everything we know and think about web applications:
Instant wallpaper photo maker: Slow shutter and just throw the camera in the air!
This is what HTC has in store for us next year
Surface UI! not new, but this advancement is very interesting..
Nice video lecture, take a look at 5:00 - speaking about innovative ideas and solutions while negotiating:
Instead of thinking "what will I gain right now", think about make a long-term partnership with the other side.
My intuition says this is the beginning of a war on YouTube, in the Copyrights arena. Sporadic things have been done already, now let's have a showdown!

Google is taking over the world – again! Corner
Google coupons!

And then, just as they started to pick up, came Google and busted them all down.
Big G steps in the restaurants ranking business. Yelp, Zagat - behind you!!
Big G goes realtime web... The REAL realtime web.
Big G keeps on rolling... now conquering the visual search domain. what else?
Speech-to-text is piece of cake for Google...

Have a cracking weekend and See ya'll next week!


Weekli Lynks [Links of the week]


A hefty crop this week…

Stuff I picked up on the web this past week:
Finally - the Twitter bubble is starting to burst. I was asking myself how long this foolishness will last. I mean, really - only 140 chars? come on...
Robots - you like them and fear them at the same time...
AR recap on the iPhone.
My 2 cents: this is getting old... and everyone are doing the same thing. Innovation is needed.
10 bucks if you guess what this is
We GOTTA do something with this. This is a hot (and interesting) buzz out there: social-location.
And let that be a lesson for you.
Another cool new thing to integrate with
More android love from Samsung!
Microsoft – not so soft… finger-press based interface
Let's do something with Maemo!
Try it – it's cute.
Google on the move into mobile phones, that was anticipated. But looks like the schedule is being pulled back

See ya'll next week!


Weenks = Weekly Links [inks of the week]


Stuff I picked up on the web the last week:
AT&T bust out a new mobile-ads concept, watch the video. It's an idea we already had, but here it is – in the flesh.
Microsoft taking natural UI forward.
Very thick fog as advertising space - nice!
A video trying to explain the amount of data we are going to be exposed to in the near future
Shadow art can be cool!
Google tightens the knot on programmers.
See what Nokia thinks of the mobile experience in 2015: Social-Augmented-Reality (2:35), Social-Location (1:00), All-Screens (1:55), and more stuff.

Have a great weekend!


Weeks of the link [Links of the week]


Stuff I picked up on the web the last week:
I'm liking this! Applications helping people reach out.
What happened to: "You didn't call your mother in a while! Why don't you give her a call now… [Click to dial]"
I Love papercraft! and this is amazing.
The new Sony-Erricson Android phone showing off.
I think we should take stock on Kick-Ass UI in our projects. This is becoming more and more obvious that it is the future.

Can you see the guy standing in this picture? (tip: you can see his shoes very good)
Microsoft's e-book reader - much more than just a reader, but nothing over a tablet PC...
You thought Google Voice is the competition? This is the competition's competition.
Symbian's next-gen concept UI – shabby, seen it, done before, too late.

See ya'll next week!

Enjoy the weekend,


Links of the (last) week


Stuff I picked up on the web the past week:
Cellphone orchestra
Big mobile web numbers curtsy of Opera Mini. 224% YOY growth... (9/08 – 9/09)
Cool visuals
This is virtual reality just like this is a car.
Nice concept! Go Peace!

Google corner

This week Google decided they take over (what's left of) the world:
First - they'll take your voice mail
Then they'll take your social graph
They will update your Android mobile OS
Desktop Widgets - Behind you!!
Google takes over the navigation business. TomTom and Garmin stocks plummet by 20-40%.
This proves the saying: "You're only safe untill google does it."

'Till next week


Weekly Links

Hi guys

Weekly links is something of a tradition at work I have been keeping up for a couple of months now. Its time to share them with the world.

Stuff I picked up on the web the last week:
Very nice multi-touch desktop experience
Sony with a 3D "screen" that looks like a bomb
Very nice concept in Location-Based-Something. The box will only open when you actually get to the point
Look at that - 24 Android phones already! Definitely going to explode...
Google bulldozing into the music biz. Amazon & Apple - behind you!
It skis better than me!

Big Numbers Corner

Note: "corners" are topics that seem to be a trend that week.
Some interesting big numbers from Morgan-Stanley about the iPhone booming
Huge numbers for Facebook

And a comic for finish: (made with:

Enjoy the weekend!


GeekCon 2009: RunVas - Our project [w/ video, img]

runvasHi everyone

In the last weekend I attended GeekCon 2009, a tech-conference, with a friend and colleague Arnon (not Arnon from the blog, who recently had a birthday - Happy B-Day Arnon!). Each team that attended had to create a project they can complete in 2-days of the conference. Our project is called "RunVas", and the basic idea was to let people run around and paint by doing so. We wanted to combine computer vision with a little artistic angle.

Here's some more details
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Awesome pictures fusing with a GIMP plugin [w/ code]

desert_bear_arrowSwitching, merging or swapping, call it what you like - it's a pain to pull off. You need to spend a lot of time tuning the colors, blending the edges and smudging to get a decent result. So I wrote a plugin for the wonderful GIMP program that helps this process. The merge is done using a blending algorithm that blends in the colous from the original image into the pasted image.

I'll write a little bit about coding GIMP plugins, which is very simple, and some about the algorithm and its sources.

Let's see how it's done
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New Theme, New Toolbar, New Year

Hi dear blog readers

We are trying out a new theme for the blog. We wanted to move out of the default and included themes of WordPress, and into something a bit different.

You will also notice a toolbar at the bottom of the page. It should help you better spread the MoreThenTechnical word! by giving more social networking tools.

So tell us what you think of it! Should we keep it, trash it, or maybe you have an idea of your own?

BTW, tomorrow is new years eve by the jewish calendar, and in Israel we are celebrating the new year ("Rosh Ha'shana"). So these changes to the blog could not have come at a better time - a time for new beginnings.

BTW 2 - I'm working on a post regarding next-generation image editing, so keep posted.

Roy & Arnon


iPhoneOS 3.1 will not allow marker-based AR


I had very high hopes for iPhoneOS 3.1 in the AR arena. With all the hype about it, I naturally thought that with 3.1 developers will be able to bring marker-detection AR to the app-store - meaning, using legal and published APIs. A look around 3.1's APIs I wasn't able to find anything that will allow this.

Not all AR is banned. In fact AR apps like Layar will be very much possible, as they rely on compass & gyro to create the AR effect. These don't require processing the live video feed from the camera, only overlaying data over it. This can be done easily with the new cameraOverlayView property of UIImagePickerController. All you need to do is create a transparent view with the required data, and it will be overlaid on the camera preview.

Sadly, to get marker-detection abilities developers must still hack the system (camera callback rerouting), or use very slow methods (UIGetScreenImage). I can only hope apple will see the potential of letting developers manipulate the live video feed.