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Nov 09 2013

Vertex array objects with shaders on OpenGL 2.1 & GLSL 1.2 [w/code]

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Using VAOs and shaders under OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL 1.2


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Nov 04 2013

Moving to Qt on the SfM-Toy-Library project

New Qt GUI for SfMToyLib


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Nov 04 2012

How I fell for QGLViewer for my Qt/OpenGL projects [w/ code]

A simple quick recipe for using OpenGL in Qt environment using libQGLViewer


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Oct 17 2012

Head Pose Estimation with OpenCV & OpenGL Revisited [w/ code]

Using Perspective-N-Point to get the position and orientation of a human head, with basic OpenCV and OpenGL.


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Aug 12 2012

Registering point clouds rigidly with scale using PCL [w/code]

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Hello Sorry for the bombardment of posts, but I want to share some stuff I've been working on lately, so when I find time I just shoot the posts out. So this time I'll talk shortly about how to get an estimation of a rigid transformation between two clouds, that potentially are also of different […]


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Aug 09 2012

Checking for co-planarity of 3D points in OpenCV [w/code]

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Hiya Just catching up on some bloggin, and I wanna share a snippet of OpenCV code on how to check if your (badly) triangulated 3D points came up co-planar, and therefore a botch triangulation. It's a very simplistic method, only a few lines, and it also is part of my Structure from Motion Toy Library […]


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Feb 07 2012

Structure from Motion and 3D reconstruction on the easy in OpenCV 2.3+ [w/ code]

Hello This time I'll discuss a basic implementation of a Structure from Motion method, following the steps Hartley and Zisserman show in "The Bible" book: "Multiple View Geometry". I will show how simply their linear method can be implemented in OpenCV. I treat this as a kind of tutorial, or a toy example, of how […]


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Jan 04 2012

Simple triangulation with OpenCV from Harley & Zisserman [w/ code]

Easily using OpenCV 2.3+ to triangulate points from known camera matrices and point sets.


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Dec 20 2011

Spherical harmonics face relighting using OpenCV, OpenGL [w/ code]

Implementing a face image relighting algorithm using spherical harmonics, based on a paper written by Wang et al (2007).


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Oct 30 2011

A GLSL shader showing the normal map [w/ code]

A very simple thing, although I couldn't find on Google some place to copy-paste off, so here it is:


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