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Sep 30

FFMpeg with Lame MP3 and streaming for the Arduino Yun

So, I've been trying to stream audio off of a USB microphone connected to an Arduino Yun. Looking into it online I found some examples using ffserver & ffmpeg, which sounded like they could do the trick. However right from the start I've had many problems with playing the streams on Android and iOS devices. …

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Aug 23

Finding FFMPEG with CMake

Finding FFMPEG using a CMake Find module.


May 26

Extending the hand tracker with snakes and optimizations [w/ code, OpenCV]


Continuing the work on a hand curve particle filter following Heap&Hogg's work, adding active contours and optimizations


May 25

FFMPEG video writer - now with animated GIF support [w/ code]


simplifies FFMPEG video writer, now with animated GIF output


Apr 11

Simplified FFMPEG video writer (also for OpenFramework) [w/ code]

Simplified FFMPEG video writer with example for OpenFrameworks.


Aug 09

Useful ImageMagick and FFmpeg shortcuts for Win SendTo menu


Hello Quickly sharing some useful scripts I've "developed" over the summer to cope with some image resizing / video ripping / transcoding, etc. Instead of using some specialized GUI software for transcoding I thought why not simply put useful options in the Windows file browser "Send To..." context menu. That way I can right-click the …

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Feb 08

How to rotate a video using MEncoder and FFmpeg and live to tell the tale

Hi I'd like to share a quick tip on rotating video files. I'm always frustrated with taking videos with my phone. Single handedly it's easiest to do it when the phone is upright and not in landscape mode. But the files are always saved in landscape mode, which makes them rotated when you watch. Although …

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Nov 02

Showing video with Qt toolbox and ffmpeg libraries

I recently had to build a demo client that shows short video messages for Ubuntu environment. After checking out GTK+ I decided to go with the more natively OOP Qt toolbox (GTKmm didn't look right to me), and I think i made the right choice. So anyway, I have my video files encoded in some …

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