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Jun 20

Visualizing yearly submission deadlines with d3v4

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.01.33 PM

A yearly deadline tracking visualization with d3.


Dec 10

Model and render a folded paper with FreeCAD, Blender

Hello, I created a little video tutorial to model and render a folded piece of paper for a project I'm working on... Here it is, enjoy!


Apr 24

WTH OpenGL 4? Rendering elements arrays with VAOs and VBOs in a QGLWidget

Simple example usage of OpenGL 4 and vertex array / vertex buffer rendering in a Qt QGLWidget.


Jan 15

YUYV to JPEG conversion with libjpeg

A cpp code snippet for converting YUYV to JPEG using libjpeg.


May 08

Quickly: How to render a PDF to an image in C++?

How to render a PDF to an image in C++ using Poppler


Mar 16

Bootstrapping planar AR and tracking without markers [w/code]

Years ago I wanted to implement PTAM. I was young and na├»ve Well I got a few moments to spare on a recent sleepless night, and I set out to implement the basic bootstrapping step of initializing a map with a planar object - no known markers needed, and then tracking it for augmented reality …

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Feb 17

Augmented Reality on libQGLViewer and OpenCV-OpenGL tips [w/code]

How to create an augmented reality app with QGLViewer, including some tips on camera calibration and extrinsic parameters from OpenCV to OpenGL.


Jan 21

Run length encoding in OpenCV [w/code]

RLE example

Code snippet for RLE calculation on OpenCV Mats


Jan 14

Simplest Color Balance with OpenCV [w/code]

Color balance

A very simple color balancing algorithm in OpenCV C++


Dec 18

Simple NURBS renderer [w/ code]

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.01.23 AM

Simple NURBS renderer, reading from a DXF


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