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Mar 20

GDoc/LaTeX compilation GUI with Tkinter/Python [w/ code]

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.47.45 PM

A small GUI to download and compile a PDF from a LaTeX document in Google Docs.


Dec 27

2D curve matching in OpenCV [w/ code]

Matching 2D curves in OpenCV by analysis of curvature signatures, which makes the method robust to rigid transformation but also noise and heave occlusion.


Dec 07

Resampling, Smoothing and Interest points of curves (via CSS) in OpenCV [w/ code]

Utility functions for Resampling, Smoothing and finding Interest points of 2D curves in OpenCV.


Jun 01

The Raspberry Pi is Here


A few months back I placed an order for a raspberry pi. For those who don't know what it is, it is a really cool project which is basically a computer for 35$ (Shipping for me almost doubled it, but that's to be expected). It is a board, which as 256MB Ram, SD-Card slot, 2 …

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Jan 04

Simple triangulation with OpenCV from Harley & Zisserman [w/ code]

Easily using OpenCV 2.3+ to triangulate points from known camera matrices and point sets.


Dec 20

Spherical harmonics face relighting using OpenCV, OpenGL [w/ code]

Implementing a face image relighting algorithm using spherical harmonics, based on a paper written by Wang et al (2007).


Dec 01

Identity Transfer in Photographs

Hi! I would like to present something I have been working on recently, a work that immensely affect what I wrote in the blog in the past two years... To use it: Go on this page, Watch the short instruction video, download the application (MacOSX-Intel-x64 Win32) and make yourself a model! It takes just a …

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Jun 24

Image Recoloring using Gaussian Mixture Model and Expectation Maximization [OpenCV, w/Code]


Hi, I'll present a quick and simple implementation of image recoloring, in fact more like color transfer between images, using OpenCV in C++ environment. The basis of the algorithm is learning the source color distribution with a GMM using EM, and then applying changes to the target color distribution. It's fairly easy to implement with …

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Mar 06

Implementing PTAM: stereo, tracking and pose estimation for AR with OpenCV [w/ code]


Hi Been working hard at a project for school the past month, implementing one of the more interesting works I've seen in the AR arena: Parallel Tracking and Mapping (PTAM) [PDF]. This is a work by George Klein [homepage] and David Murray from Oxford university, presented in ISMAR 2007. When I first saw it on …

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Feb 21

SmartHome - Embedded computing course project

XBee module on LPC2148 board

Hi In the past few weeks I have been working hard at a few projects for end-of-term at Uni. One of the projects is what I called "SmartHome", for Embedded computing [link] course, is a home monitoring [link] application. In the course the students were given an LPC2148 arm7-MCU (NXP) based education board, implemented by …

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