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Apr 20

מאגר שמות ישראליים בעברית - Israeli hebrew names dataset

A list of Hebrew first and last names that can be useful for extracting names from text.


Dec 31

New Year, New Look

Hi Everybody Another look at our blog, made us think: Why do we still look so 90's? This is when we decided to do some cosmetic and functional changes: We changed the theme (We though about buying a wordpress theme, but for some reason, they're way too expensive), We installed a new commend system called …

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Jan 04

Trying out my mashup skills

This is not proper technical thingy, but I took some time to try out some audio skills by doing somewhat obvious mashup Came out pretty good, in my opinion Sara Baraeilles's "Brave" and Katy Perry's "Roar" sound very similar. So I took two acapellas and instrumental and mixed them together. Enjoy (or.. not)


Dec 21

Speak friend and enter

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.58.00 PM

Sep 27

Trying out a new theme

Hi Guys, After a while we are trying to "lighten" things up. Let us know what you think Roy & Arnon


Jun 12

Tree nom


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Jun 10

Changing our host

Hi Guys, We are currently switching hosts which should lead to a faster website experience. During this process, our emails might not be available for a while. Have a great week Arnon & Roy


Aug 15

Connecting a Samsung Vibrant and a pico projector


Hi, Wanted to report on some progress I made connecting the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrat smartphone and a 3M MPro110 pico (pocket) projector. It is a fairly simple process, but I couldn't really find any schematics of the video ports on either the phone (the 3.5mm headphones jack) or the projector (3.5mm composite video-in jack). …

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Jun 08

Congratulations Roy - Again!

I would (again) like to publicly congratulate my friend Roy, who got accepted for a PhD program in Media Arts and Sciences, at the MIT Media Lab. I am very happy the people at MIT was able to see your great talent. I'm sure this program will get the best out of you, and that …

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Mar 30

Congratulations! Roy is going to MIT

I would like to congratulate my friend Roy, who got accepted to M.I.T in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Starting this September, Roy will be spending the next two years in Boston. I wish him all the best and luck. I'm sure this degree will provide some interesting posts to this blog


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