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Feb 28

Android Camera2 Touch-to-Focus

Touch to focus on Android using Camera2 APIs


Mar 04

[Python] OpenCV capturing from a v4l2 device

A python snippet on capturing from a v4l2 camera into OpenCV


Jan 15

YUYV to JPEG conversion with libjpeg

A cpp code snippet for converting YUYV to JPEG using libjpeg.


Mar 16

Bootstrapping planar AR and tracking without markers [w/code]

Years ago I wanted to implement PTAM. I was young and na├»ve Well I got a few moments to spare on a recent sleepless night, and I set out to implement the basic bootstrapping step of initializing a map with a planar object - no known markers needed, and then tracking it for augmented reality …

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Feb 17

Augmented Reality on libQGLViewer and OpenCV-OpenGL tips [w/code]

How to create an augmented reality app with QGLViewer, including some tips on camera calibration and extrinsic parameters from OpenCV to OpenGL.


Feb 07

Simplest 20-lines OpenCV video stabilizer [w/ code]

A simple and short video stabilizer with OpenCV.


May 26

Extending the hand tracker with snakes and optimizations [w/ code, OpenCV]


Continuing the work on a hand curve particle filter following Heap&Hogg's work, adding active contours and optimizations


May 25

OpenNI 2.x and OpenCV interoperability [w/ code]

A simple wrapper around OpenNI 2.x drives for interoperability with OpenCV


May 25

FFMPEG video writer - now with animated GIF support [w/ code]


simplifies FFMPEG video writer, now with animated GIF output


Apr 25

C++ library for the C329 SPI camera module [w/ code]

C++ Library for the C329 camera module of the SPI variety


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