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Jan 29 2013

A Creative way to bypass Pattern lock on Android

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Let me start putting everything on the table – this post will describe how I eventually managed to unlock an unrooted, non-Google account linked Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus (GT-5570I) device without ADB support. There are a lot of guides on how to bypass this pattern lock on Android (and I will provide some links), but […]


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Nov 03 2011

Android Market's apps compatibility problem [w/ solution]

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WOW That was annoying! From the moment I started using a custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Cognition S2, to be exact), I started having issues with some apps. Sometimes they won't appear in search results, other times it will just say it's not compatible. It drove me nuts! Naturally I started with the […]


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Oct 17 2011

Android frame animation revisited [w/ code]

So, been working hard on my projects, and discovered some interesting things in Android possibilities for frame animation. Last time I was using an HTML approach, because of memory consumption issues with using ImageViews. However now my approach is using View.onDraw(Canvas) to draw BMPs straight off files, in an asynchronous way, and it seems to […]


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Jun 14 2011

Number Saver gets a new look

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Number Saver (Android App) gets a new look


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Mar 01 2011

The woes of Frame Animation on Android [w/ code]

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My adventures of getting frame animation on the Android 2.1 continue, and take a turn for the worse. Will I come up victorious in the end? Not sure...


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Feb 07 2011

Some things I learned about Android's Frame animation

Hi Just a quick share of lessons learned about Android's Frame-by-Frame animations. Some of the functionality is poorly documented, as many people point out, so the web is the only place for answers. Having looked for some answers to these questions and couldn't find any - here's what I found out myself. Update [2/3/11]: A […]


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Nov 28 2010

Reading contacts in Android 2.0+

On one of my Android apps, I added a trivial option to select a contact from the phone's contact list. This was working fine until SDK version 5, which changed the way the contacts are represented in the phone's SQLite database. It is using the "newer" class called ContactsContract instead of the deprecated People class […]


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Sep 01 2009

Number Saver (Android application)

A very basic feature that I was missing in my Android phone is the ability to save a number while I'm in a call. Sure you can go to the home screen, and open up any app with a textbox, but I decided to create a dedicated application. So, meet Number Saver! UPDATE: Number Saver […]


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Jul 30 2009

First steps in Android programming

Last week I finished my first Android application. All through the development stage I had to Google a lot for examples which some were really hard to find (even though you can find reference for everything in the SDK, for me, it's easier to understand from a code sample). My mobile company allows you to […]


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Jul 16 2009

VoIP for Android is in town

Well, At least when it comes to SIP communication Update: Well, there has been a great leap in Android support with VoIP. Skype has released a decent client for most Android based phones (with the exception of Galaxy S, and USA Based clients cannot use 3G), and I have discovered another excellent VoIP client for […]


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