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Apr 24

WTH OpenGL 4? Rendering elements arrays with VAOs and VBOs in a QGLWidget

Simple example usage of OpenGL 4 and vertex array / vertex buffer rendering in a Qt QGLWidget.


Oct 13

Touch up your sound with SoundTouch [w/code]

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.55.42 AM

How to stretch or compress sound easily without changing pitch using the excellent SoundTouch library, with a little help from Qt.


Nov 04

Moving to Qt on the SfM-Toy-Library project

Qt GUI for SfMToyLib

New Qt GUI for SfMToyLib


Oct 15

CMake build for QExtSerialPort for all those lonely cross-platform Qt4 projects


Setting up QExtSerialPort using CMake for Qt 4.7+ projects.


Mar 05

Qt & OpenCV combined for face detecting QWidgets

As my search for the best platform to roll-out my new face detection concept continues, I decided to give ol' Qt framework a go. I like Qt. It's cross-platform, a clear a nice API, straightforward, and remindes me somewhat of Apple's Cocoa. My intention is to get some serious face detection going on mobile devices. …

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Nov 02

Showing video with Qt toolbox and ffmpeg libraries

I recently had to build a demo client that shows short video messages for Ubuntu environment. After checking out GTK+ I decided to go with the more natively OOP Qt toolbox (GTKmm didn't look right to me), and I think i made the right choice. So anyway, I have my video files encoded in some …

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