The strange case of the BackgroundWorker and the disappearing exception

I was recently building a simple GUI in .NET to operate an algorithm as part of a school project, and I encountered a weird problem using BackgroundWorkers. I spent a lot of time debugging it, mainly because the code seemed to be perfect (which was true) but the run-time behavior was so strange...

Anyway, to make my algorithm as weakly-coupled as possible decided not to use 'BackgroundWorker.ReportProgress', because then my algorithm will have to know what a BackgroundWorker is...
I decided to actually fire my own event whenever I wanted to report on the algorithm progress (which is rather lenghty). So I defined my delegate and event inside my one-function class that runs the algorithm:

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Paint.NET is cool

Today I stumbled upon Paint.NET.
It seems like an awesome tool for quickly drawing stuff.

I also read that some compare it to The GIMP (which I adore...). I found Paint.NET is easier for simpler tasks that the GIMP can drive you nuts while trying to do them.
In the GIMP i find myself using the select tool A LOT. You want to draw a circle? select and fill. You want a simple rectangle? select and fill...
Sometimes I wish GIMP was more like plain ol' Paint...

Here I think Paint.NET really excels. It keeps the simplicity of Paint, but adding the open-sourceness and variety of GIMP.


MOV eax, ebx

English version:

Note to non-hebrew speakers: Hamster and Register (registers like in the CPU) are the same word in hebrew.