New Theme, New Toolbar, New Year

Hi dear blog readers

We are trying out a new theme for the blog. We wanted to move out of the default and included themes of WordPress, and into something a bit different.

You will also notice a toolbar at the bottom of the page. It should help you better spread the MoreThenTechnical word! by giving more social networking tools.

So tell us what you think of it! Should we keep it, trash it, or maybe you have an idea of your own?

BTW, tomorrow is new years eve by the jewish calendar, and in Israel we are celebrating the new year ("Rosh Ha'shana"). So these changes to the blog could not have come at a better time - a time for new beginnings.

BTW 2 - I'm working on a post regarding next-generation image editing, so keep posted.

Roy & Arnon


Qt & OpenCV combined for face detecting QWidgets

As my search for the best platform to roll-out my new face detection concept continues, I decided to give ol' Qt framework a go.

I like Qt. It's cross-platform, a clear a nice API, straightforward, and remindes me somewhat of Apple's Cocoa.

My intention is to get some serious face detection going on mobile devices. So that means either the iPhone, which so far did a crummy job performance-wise, or some other mobile device, preferably linux-based.
This led me to the decision to go with Qt. I believe you can get it to work on any linux-ish platform (limo, moblin, android), and since Nokia baught Trolltech - it's gonna work on Nokia phones soon, awesome!

Lets get to the details, shall we?
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