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Simple NURBS renderer [w/ code]

Simple NURBS renderer, reading from a DXF

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Extending Justin Talbot's GrabCut Impl [w/ code]

Justin Talbot has done a tremendous job implementing the GrabCut algorithm in C [link to paper, link to code]. I was missing though, the option to load ANY kind of file, not just PPMs and PGMs. So I tweaked the code a bit to receive a filename and determine how to load it: use the […]

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Augmented reality on the iPhone using NyARToolkit [w/ code]

Hi I saw the stats for the blog a while ago and it seems that the augmented reality topic is hot! 400 clicks/day, that’s awesome! So I wanted to share with you my latest development in this field – cross compiling the AR app to the iPhone. A job that proved easier than I originally […]

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Porting Rob Hess's SIFT impl. to Java

This is a Java port of Rob Hess’ implementation of SIFT that I did for a project @ work. However, I couldn’t port the actual extraction of SIFT descriptors from images as it relies very heavily on OpenCV. So actually all that I ported to native Java is the KD-Tree features matching part, and the […]