Augmented reality on the iPhone using NyARToolkit [w/ code]


I saw the stats for the blog a while ago and it seems that the augmented reality topic is hot! 400 clicks/day, that's awesome!

So I wanted to share with you my latest development in this field - cross compiling the AR app to the iPhone. A job that proved easier than I originally thought, although it took a while to get it working smoothly.

Basically all I did was take NyARToolkit, compile it for armv6 arch, combine it with Norio Namura's iPhone camera video feed code, slap on some simple OpenGL ES rendering, and bam - Augmented Reality on the iPhone.

Update: Apple officially supports camera video pixel buffers in iOS 4.x using AVFoundation, here's sample code from Apple developer.

This is how I did it...
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