Good people of the internets,

My name is Roy, I’m from Israel, but currently living in the US.
I love anything computerized or coded, with special care for Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. I got an M.Sc in computer science from Tel-Aviv University, in the area of computer graphics, and a PhD from the MIT Media Lab. I was a professor of computer science in Stony Brook University and now I’m back in industry working on a few start-ups, passion projects as well as teaching.

I’m a great believer in sharing knowledge, so I will try to have all my work here available freely in the form of code (mostly on GitHub). I’ve a budding YouTube channel where I share knowledge and work, and music that I create (which is also, partially, on SoundCloud). I’m also very much into visual patterns and constructs which I share on Instagram.

Below you will meet Arnon. He and I go way back to middle school! We both had great thirst for knowledge of computers and digital tech. We started this blog to try and share our insights to different problems or issues we encounter, and have fun along the way.

By all means, if you feel like it, drop me a line at roys[at]morethantechnical[dot]com.



How do you do. My name is Arnon, I live in a beautiful village in the Israeli coastal area, and I am a father to three amazing girls

My history with computers began at age 9, when I got home and saw my first XT-PC that my parents bought me. I was so excited and immediately I began to explore.

I went through all the stages from DOS to Windows 10 and also Linux and came across various problems which seemed awful but the solution was simple (after hours of research of course).

I often thought what would I write about when I’ll have my own blog.
And with my friend Roy, who’s doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the media field – it’s a hell of a ride.

I want to use my experience to help others by sharing some of my solutions and also publish any useful information I find that could be helpful.

So… welcome to our blog!


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