Recommended Software

Recommended Software: Digsby


 I’m the kind of guy who likes to be online. When I decide to be available for chat – the more the merrier.
Messenger, GTalk, GMail, Skype- you name it. digsby

I found about Digsby when I looked for a Facebook Chat client. Surfing the net brought me to Digsby’s website
and I must say I was impressed.

Digsby allows you to be online with all common IM clients all together as one contact list.

More than that – It also functions as email notifier and social network client (All of your facebook events for

If you are “chat groupie” – I would really recommend you try this software


PokeTalk – Call your friends for free

I recently came across this website
This website allows you to place international phone calls for free!
What’s the catch? Well… a single phonecall is limited to 10 minutes, and you have 50 phonecalls per month (Tip- you can re-register with a different e-mail address to get extra 50 calls).
Once you place a call, the phone will ring at your house, and when you pick up, the phone will ring at the destination. That way both of you are having incoming calls and won’t be charged.
The main difference between this service and (another phone-to-phone service), is that you don’t have to register a specific number on either side to get the call for free.
So, this is definitely a website I recommend adding to your favorites.