Music's ruling my world [on Kutiman's Thru-You]


If you haven't yet tapped into the (well by now it's a) phenomena that is Kutiman's "Thru You" project - don't walk, run and do it now.

I'm a long time fan of Kutiman's work, his last CD ("Kutiman") is playing repeatedly in my company-leased car. And I have been watching closely to hear some of his new beats.

I must say he totally surprised me. The music is awesome, but this was to be expected. He surprised me beacuse he single handedly create a new concept - Social Music. What he did was a natural development of music in the Web 2.0 spirit - use the enourmous amount of "data" laying around freely on the internet, and bring it together to create something new.

Anyway, enjoy his work, it's truly aspiring.