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Enhance your GPS device

Many GPS devices are coming with built-in (or bundled) navigation software and does not allow you to install newer version or use the device in any other way that the original menu allows.
This, of course doesn’t mean that the device is not CAPABLE of running most of the applications. After all – it is running on Windows CE platform.
Googling a bit lead me to a project called MioPocket. This is a software that patches your mobile windows and installs lots of (freeware) utilities (media player for example) that can really upgrade your usage of the device.
One of the best features (and of course the main reason why those people wrote this utility) is that it enables you to run any navigation software.

The MioPocket official forum page
Alternative download link
If your model doesn’t appear on the readme file The principal of installing is usually the same (with some exceptions):
You take a look at the original memory card arrived with your GPS,
You create a folder with the same name as your navigation software on a blank card
You copy “Media” folder to your blank card, and copy the files from MioAutoRun to your previosly created folder.
Finally, you rename both files called “MioAutoRun” to the original name of your bundled software (extension stays the same).
Voila, now try to run your bundled software!
Note #1 – devices that come with the bundled software on the device itself (not the card) might require a different method of installation. View the readme file
Note #2 – It is not recommended to install this software on a device that boots right into the navigation software. This might end with reboot-loop and ruin the device (Also, read the readme file)
Note #3– In order to run IGO8, you will need to rename application.dat to igo.exe, and get yourself the mio-supported Just google the error message you get with the original

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Note that TomTom and Garmin devices are Linux-based and, hence, MioPocket (which is WindowsCE-based) cannot work on them.

too bad 🙁

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