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An Android solution for listening to online radio while multitasking

Android + + Dolphin Browser HD + XiiaLive = WIN

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in the blog… Sorry for that… very busy times. I had a lot of ideas of what my “comeback post” should be about, but I knew I had to share one of my relatively recent discoveries that made my smartphone online-radio listening experience a whole lot better
If you don’t know, this might be the time to get to know it. It’s a free service that has a LOT of worldwide radio stations available as an online stream for usage with most of the smartphones.
In order to start using it you need to register for free via your desktop computer, and add the stations you like. Later on, you can surf to the mobile version of the service by mobile web and listen to the stations you selected.
So far so good… I like it. But how about multitasking?

The thing is, if you are an average Android user, and try to use the service, then when you will try to hear the station, it will use the stock movie player and will not let you to do anything on your phone while listening to the music.
If you answer a call, or even go to the home screen – Your playback will be stopped, since it must run in the foreground
I have done a small research and discovered a very nice way to make yourmuze run in the background and let you do whatever you like while listening to music.
I use it with my GPS app, listening to online music while navigating.
This is relatively simple.

  1. Download Dolphin Browser HD and XiiaLive Lite from the market (feel free to buy XiiaLive full if you like it)
  2. Open up Dolphin Browser, and hit your phone’s Menu button, then select More and then Settings
  3. Scroll down to User Agent, and select iPhone

That’s it!
Go back to the browser, and surf to and login with your credentials. When you will try to listen to your station you will be able to choose if you want to listen with XiiaLive. I chose it to be default.
There you go. One the station is played you can navigate away from the app and do your multitasking
Hope you will find this post is helpful

3 replies on “An Android solution for listening to online radio while multitasking”

Are you still using this for Yourmuze? It was working great for me up until shortly after the YourMuze Android App was released, and then it seemed to stop connecting to any of my stations. I reluctantly switched to the Yourmuze Android app, but it is annoying in many ways. It doesn’t connect as well, it doesn’t resume after a phone call, and now today it would not let me login even though I could login to the web site fine. And if you cannot login, it will not exit and cannot be unloaded short of rebooting the phone. I thought I would try Dolphin again, but it is back to loading the default player which will not work in the background. I don’t get any option to load XiiaLive now. Maybe a new Dolphin update defaulted back to the built-in player? Now it won’t let me select XiiaLive. Any ideas? I did the iPhone User Agent. There is a “Custom” user agent now, I wonder if that could be used? Tried setting it to XiiaLive, but that didn’t do anything. I have some URLs plugged into XiiaLive Favorites, and that works fine, but it doesn’t let me transcode to lower bit rate and single channel when listening to talk when I don’t need 44k 2ch. YourMuze is a great service, but the Android App stinks.

tune in radio is o.k.. but the beauty of yourmuze comes from the fact that it has multiple streams …meaning you can use yourmuze even at 2g

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