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Push a file to your Smartphone

This is a quick tip. If you need to push a notification to your smartphone, or even send a file, I recently stumbled upon “Pushbullet“.
I was looking for a solution to send a file (with automatic download) to my phone, via bash script on my raspberry pi. I’ve been using pushover for a while, but as far as I know, it doesn’t support files
I have read the Pushbullet API, and came to realise that sending a file have 3 steps
1. Getting credentials to send the file
2. Upload the file to a remote server
3. Send a notification of “file” type with the download url
Of course, you can do 1 and 2 youself if you have access to a place which stores the file (I also managed to send a dropbox download link)
You need to sign up for Pushbullet via web, to get the api key, and also install the app on your smartphone (obviously)
So here is the bash script (It’s not elegant – but it works)

Recommended Software

Dropbox – access important files from anywhere

Lots of people own several computers. Not to mention different operating systems.
Don’t you wish you had a folder with some files that will be accessible from every single one of your PCs ?
A friend of mine recommended Dropbox (
This is a software, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, which creates a folder on your PC(/mac), that is linked to your account, and with every computer that runs the program (with the specific account) – This folder will be in complete sync.
If you need it from a shared pc – you also have a web interface to download your files.
Also,  a public folder is created which you can just send a direct link for your file to a friend
You get 2GB of online storage for this matter – completely for free from Dropbox, and you can also revert to earlier versions of your files.
Dropbox claims to be encrypted – but I can’t guarantee it, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for sensitive data (passwords, etc.)
I started using it. Definately recommend it!