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Leenky wiks! [Links of the week]

Hello people of high measure,
Forth are listed the hyperlinks thy humble servant hath collected in past days:
Nice ad by G for Chrome!
Very interesting: huge database of geo-tagged information with API for developers.
I saw this contraption in the lab and the guy demoed it for me. It’s strange looking, but an interesting concept.
A G phone!
This is only a fraction of the online buzz about…
Air-Pen. Nice implementation. But, is this is how we’re going to interface with computers in the future? Don’t think so.
Välkommen till Sverige – LTE! (“Welcome to Sweden – LTE!” in Swedish)
TeliaSonera launching LTE
Free Text-To-Speech from G! Hurrah!
TAT are as usual a good indicator of future UI (Social AR…). This time: 3D UI, haptic interface.
Some stats on the Android market, looks good.
G seem very committed to making the web better. First tools for webmasters to make their sites faster, and making sure the resolution fits
Anthropomorphism: Look at the video, (though it’s an AD) it will put a smile on your face!
and then go shoot some anthropomorphous objects.
Mobile OS stats (Feb-Oct): Apple and RIM skyrocket! WinMo, Symb, Palm, Android – stagnate.
Enjoy thy weekend!

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