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Weekli Lynks [Links of the week]

A hefty crop this week…
Stuff I picked up on the web this past week:
Finally – the Twitter bubble is starting to burst. I was asking myself how long this foolishness will last. I mean, really – only 140 chars? come on…
Robots – you like them and fear them at the same time…
AR recap on the iPhone.
My 2 cents: this is getting old… and everyone are doing the same thing. Innovation is needed.
10 bucks if you guess what this is
We GOTTA do something with this. This is a hot (and interesting) buzz out there: social-location.
And let that be a lesson for you.
Another cool new thing to integrate with
More android love from Samsung!
Microsoft – not so soft… finger-press based interface
Let’s do something with Maemo!
Try it – it’s cute.
Google on the move into mobile phones, that was anticipated. But looks like the schedule is being pulled back
See ya’ll next week!

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