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The links are back! [Links of the week]

Hi good people,
Well after a two-week break, I’m back with some more interesting weekly links..
So here’s what I’ve picked up on the web the past 2 weeks:
Awesome 3D reconstruction work with only a webcam! I dig that stuff.
Me like! An old-new mobile social concept comes to life: Ad-Hoc Social Networks meet Foursquare.
Current mobile-phones OSs and devices usage numbers:
iPhone is slightly rising still: 48% Sep09 to 55% Oct09, Android is growing – 17% Sep09 to 20% Oct09, and Palm is losing height – 10% Sep09 to 5% Oct09.
LinkedIn API – well it’s about time!
The new Virtual Keyboard typing method: SWYPE, takes on the good ol’ QWERTY.
Check out Layar 3.0, awesome 3Ds in AR:
The HTML 5.0 craze is upon us, and it is going to change everything we know and think about web applications:
Instant wallpaper photo maker: Slow shutter and just throw the camera in the air!
This is what HTC has in store for us next year
Surface UI! not new, but this advancement is very interesting..
Nice video lecture, take a look at 5:00 – speaking about innovative ideas and solutions while negotiating:
Instead of thinking “what will I gain right now”, think about make a long-term partnership with the other side.
My intuition says this is the beginning of a war on YouTube, in the Copyrights arena. Sporadic things have been done already, now let’s have a showdown!

Google is taking over the world – again! Corner
Google coupons!
And then, just as they started to pick up, came Google and busted them all down.
Big G steps in the restaurants ranking business. Yelp, Zagat – behind you!!
Big G goes realtime web… The REAL realtime web.
Big G keeps on rolling… now conquering the visual search domain. what else?
Speech-to-text is piece of cake for Google…
Have a cracking weekend and See ya’ll next week!

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