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A Kinect browser plugin with FireBreath [w/ code]

Just reporting on a small achievement, part of a big project: Creating a browser plugin to display the Kinect depth map on screen.
The integration was fairly easy, which leads me to think that both FireBreath and OpenNI/Nite are pretty neat framework that are robust..
So let’s see how it’s done

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A motion parallax screen using Kinect [w/ code]

I’ve seen some examples of people who build motion parallax capable screens using Kinect, but as usual – they don’t share the code. Too bad.
Well this is your chance to see how it’s done, and it’s fairly simple as well.

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Neat OpenCV smoothing trick when Kineacking (Kinect Hacking) [w/ code]

I found a nice little trick to ease the work with the very noisy depth image the Kinect is giving out. The image is filled with these “blank” values that basically note where the data is unreadable. The secret is to use inpainting to cover these areas and get a cleaner image. And as always, no need to dig deep – OpenCV has it all included.

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Kinect and OpenCV 2.1

Another quicky on how to use Kinect (libfreenect) with OpenCV 2.1. I already saw people do it, but havn’t seen code.
UPDATE (12/29): OpenKinect posted very good C++ code of using libfreenect with OpenCV2.X APIs: here it is. Plus, their git repo now has a very clean C code: here it is.
So here it goes

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Hacking together a Kinect port


Just a quicky on how I hacked together a DIY Microsoft Kinect port. The Kinect port is non standard, USB-like port, and to actually connect it to a PC you must buy an adapter from microsoft for >30$. This is whack. You should make your own. All you need is access to a lasercutter, vinylcutter, plexiglass 1/8″, some copper sheet and solder equip.