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Simple ATTiny85 USB board

IMG_20140623_121908_fixI needed to create a small, cheap USB-enabled circuit to serve as a key logger, and I’ve found some nice projects online that explain how to do this.
I found out you could use an ATTiny85 to run the V-USB software USB stack, and I only needed the one input pin to gather data (it’s going to be a USB “That was easy” button).
Since this was done so many times before, I will be brief, and try to point out problems I had instead of a regular tutorial.

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Simple HID driver to save an old AIPTEK HyperPen tablet trashing

rect3948So I have this incredibly old and stupidly cheap AIPTEK tablet (like a Wacom, only Chinese and cheap) that is so outdated it practically has almost no existence online. Why did I bring this item across the atlantic? I have no answer, but it’s here anyways and I can’t seem to bring myself to trash it. Of course no drivers are available for it so I wrote a tiny simple driver using the great libHID library from Brandon Fosdick. It was painless, and my old tablet was saved.

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Hacking together a Kinect port


Just a quicky on how I hacked together a DIY Microsoft Kinect port. The Kinect port is non standard, USB-like port, and to actually connect it to a PC you must buy an adapter from microsoft for >30$. This is whack. You should make your own. All you need is access to a lasercutter, vinylcutter, plexiglass 1/8″, some copper sheet and solder equip.