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May 25

OpenNI 2.x and OpenCV interoperability [w/ code]

A simple wrapper around OpenNI 2.x drives for interoperability with OpenCV


Mar 16

Curve tracking with a Heap&Hogg's Particle Filters [w/ code, OpenCV]

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 6.18.30 PM

I wanna share some code for 2D curve tracking with a particle filter, implementing the body of work of Tony Heap and David Hogg. These guys presented a relatively easy to implement method for tracking deformable curves through space and change in form using a Hierarchical Point Distribution Models (HPDM), which is another elegant way …

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Mar 05

Skin Detection with Probability Maps and Elliptical Boundaries [OpenCV, w/code]

Skind detection wit Skin Probabilty Maps and Elliptical Boundary Models, implementations in c++ with OpenCV


Dec 27

2D curve matching in OpenCV [w/ code]

Matching 2D curves in OpenCV by analysis of curvature signatures, which makes the method robust to rigid transformation but also noise and heave occlusion.


Dec 07

Resampling, Smoothing and Interest points of curves (via CSS) in OpenCV [w/ code]

Utility functions for Resampling, Smoothing and finding Interest points of 2D curves in OpenCV.


Oct 17

Head Pose Estimation with OpenCV & OpenGL Revisited [w/ code]

Using Perspective-N-Point to get the position and orientation of a human head, with basic OpenCV and OpenGL.


Aug 09

Checking for co-planarity of 3D points in OpenCV [w/code]

Hiya Just catching up on some bloggin, and I wanna share a snippet of OpenCV code on how to check if your (badly) triangulated 3D points came up co-planar, and therefore a botch triangulation. It's a very simplistic method, only a few lines, and it also is part of my Structure from Motion Toy Library …

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Feb 07

Structure from Motion and 3D reconstruction on the easy in OpenCV 2.3+ [w/ code]

Hello This time I'll discuss a basic implementation of a Structure from Motion method, following the steps Hartley and Zisserman show in "The Bible" book: "Multiple View Geometry". I will show how simply their linear method can be implemented in OpenCV. I treat this as a kind of tutorial, or a toy example, of how …

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Jan 04

Simple triangulation with OpenCV from Harley & Zisserman [w/ code]

Easily using OpenCV 2.3+ to triangulate points from known camera matrices and point sets.


Dec 20

Spherical harmonics face relighting using OpenCV, OpenGL [w/ code]

Implementing a face image relighting algorithm using spherical harmonics, based on a paper written by Wang et al (2007).


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