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Mastering OpenCV 4 – my new book!

New OpenCV book!

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Aligning faces with py opencv-dlib combo

Using opencv and dlib to extract and align faces in images to use a dataset for learning.

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Laplacian Pyramid Blending with Masks in OpenCV-Python

A small example on how to do Laplacian pyramid blending with an arbitrary mask.

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OMG CMake/OpenCV3 can you be more difficult? Linking order problems with OpenNI2…

Solving linking order issue with OpenCV and OpenNI in CMake.

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New edition to the Mastering OpenCV book – now with OpenCV3!

The 2nd edition of Mastering OpenCV is out!

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Structure-from-Motion Toy Lib Upgrades to OpenCV 3

The toy SfM library is upgraded to OpenCV 3.x and gets a ton of simplifications.

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[Python] OpenCV capturing from a v4l2 device

A python snippet on capturing from a v4l2 camera into OpenCV

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OpenCV Python YAML persistance

A python snippet for saving OpenCV FileStorage-compatible YAML files

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Augmented Reality on libQGLViewer and OpenCV-OpenGL tips [w/code]

How to create an augmented reality app with QGLViewer, including some tips on camera calibration and extrinsic parameters from OpenCV to OpenGL.

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Simplest 20-lines OpenCV video stabilizer [w/ code]

A simple and short video stabilizer with OpenCV.