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Run length encoding in OpenCV [w/code]

Code snippet for RLE calculation on OpenCV Mats

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Simplest Color Balance with OpenCV [w/code]

A very simple color balancing algorithm in OpenCV C++

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Extending the hand tracker with snakes and optimizations [w/ code, OpenCV]

Continuing the work on a hand curve particle filter following Heap&Hogg’s work, adding active contours and optimizations

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OpenNI 2.x and OpenCV interoperability [w/ code]

A simple wrapper around OpenNI 2.x drives for interoperability with OpenCV

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Curve tracking with a Heap&Hogg's Particle Filters [w/ code, OpenCV]

I wanna share some code for 2D curve tracking with a particle filter, implementing the body of work of Tony Heap and David Hogg. These guys presented a relatively easy to implement method for tracking deformable curves through space and change in form using a Hierarchical Point Distribution Models (HPDM), which is another elegant way […]

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Skin Detection with Probability Maps and Elliptical Boundaries [OpenCV, w/code]

Skind detection wit Skin Probabilty Maps and Elliptical Boundary Models, implementations in c++ with OpenCV

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2D curve matching in OpenCV [w/ code]

Matching 2D curves in OpenCV by analysis of curvature signatures, which makes the method robust to rigid transformation but also noise and heave occlusion.

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Resampling, Smoothing and Interest points of curves (via CSS) in OpenCV [w/ code]

Utility functions for Resampling, Smoothing and finding Interest points of 2D curves in OpenCV.

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Head Pose Estimation with OpenCV & OpenGL Revisited [w/ code]

Using Perspective-N-Point to get the position and orientation of a human head, with basic OpenCV and OpenGL.

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Checking for co-planarity of 3D points in OpenCV [w/code]

Hiya Just catching up on some bloggin, and I wanna share a snippet of OpenCV code on how to check if your (badly) triangulated 3D points came up co-planar, and therefore a botch triangulation. It’s a very simplistic method, only a few lines, and it also is part of my Structure from Motion Toy Library […]